Supported Employment

Our supported employment programs are a great way for our service users to develop their individual abilities, whilst helping out the community and receiving a wage for their work. There are two types of supported employment: Taskforce and Woodworking.


Taskforce is a garden maintenance program where our service users do sub-contracting work for the Wodonga City Council. The work includes maintenance and upkeep of roundabouts within the Wodonga area as well as roadside litter control, clearance of waterways and general maintenance of parks and public gardens.


Our supported employment woodworking program allows our service users to utilise their skills in the workshop as a means of earning a wage for themselves. Our service users produce tomato and tree stakes, survey pegs and dog kennels that are sold into the Albury-Wodonga public and beyond. This program allows us to provide a familiar and safe working environment for our service users to work in; while allowing them to develop their skills and abilities as individuals.

Award and Wages

All our employees are employed under the Supported Employment Services Award (2020) and receive pro-rata based wages. This means that they have the same entitlements as all workers within the community. Their wage assessments are currently conducted under the SkillsMaster wage assessment tool but will soon change to the Supported Wage System. These wage assessments are carried out on a three yearly basis and reviewed annually.