Skill Development Programs

Reading and Writing

Our reading and writing program is where we help our service users to develop basic writing skills, such as learning to write their own names and addresses. We then take these skills one step further by introducing more in-depth and difficult tasks such as letter formation.

Being able to successfully and independently create letters or other written articles allows our service users to be able to express themselves in a creative form as well as giving them the opportunity to communicate with friends and family via mail.

Woodworking Skills

In our state-funded woodworking program, our service users are free to design and construct wood products of their choosing. Depending on their previous woodwork history or experience, this program gives our service users the chance to become familiar with a woodworking environment or improve current woodworking skills in a safe and well-equipped workshop.

If you want to learn about our Woodwork Supported Employment Program, click here.

Digital Photography

Our digital photography program caters to our service user’s artistic side. Participants take photos of subjects of their choice in different styles, while learning to use digital cameras and electronic equipment responsibly and effectively. Participants create personal portfolios that they can take home with them.