Recreational Programs

Music and Relaxation

This program is designed for participants with higher needs and gives them the opportunity to relax and listen to music in a calm and quiet environment. The program uses aromatherapy and calming music to provide an environment that allows participants to relax after a hard morning.

Pampering Girls

Female participants enjoy all types of personal pampering including facials, foot spas, hand care, polishing their nails, putting making up and lots of girl talk. This is one program that is strictly for the girls.

Music Appreciation

Participants enjoy a variety of music and vision on a movie screen and have the opportunity to play along with musical instruments. This program suits participants with higher needs and those that enjoy listening to music.

Dance and Movement

This program is for those who enjoy a bit of a dance and gentle movement whilst listening to their favourite music. Everyone lets their hair down and enjoys themselves in this program!

iPad Games

Participants learn how to use the iPad to play games helping them learn in a fun and relaxed environment. These games can assist in developing concentration, problem solving and literacy / numeracy skills.