Community Based Programs

Community Sing-along

Our community singalong program is run at the Senior Citizen’s Centre in Wodonga and is a great chance for our service users to interact and socialise with the Wodonga community, all the while having lots of fun! In this program, our service users select the music they wish to hear and can sing or even perform alongside of the song. From time to time the program also has guest artists perform for our service users, allowing them to experience a real and live music performance.


Our library program gives service users the opportunity to get out into the public and join in the large range of events that are available to them within the library itself. Alternatively, our service users can opt to simply select and read whichever book(s) they desire from the large collection available to them.

Flower Power

Our flower power program gets our service users out into the Wodonga community delivering flowers to local businesses for a small fee. Businesses are visited on a weekly basis where vases are collected and replaced with a batch of new flowers. It is always beneficial for our service users to get out into the public and interact with the community, which is an integral part of flower power.

Out and About

The Out and About group investigate a range of attractions and activities in the Albury/Wodonga area. The places visited are decided by the group and include the Albury Botanical Gardens, the Army Museum, local parklands, museums, art exhibitions and the occasional cuppa and window shopping.

Our Community Programs in Action