Outdoor Programs

Community Garden

The community garden is a new program at Murray Valley Centre and is held on our land at Pearce Street in Wodonga. This garden is completely open to the public with a number of different areas available for the community to plant, grow and then harvest their own produce. The community garden is a great way for our service users to interact with the Wodonga community all the while getting their hands dirty and improving their gardening skills!


If the sun is out and it is a warm day, it is perfect conditions for our fishing program! This program gets our service users out into the Murray River environment where they are free to get comfortable by the river bank and have a go at reeling in a catch or two.


Parklands is another volunteer program available to our service users. In this program, our volunteers from Murray Valley Centre integrate with volunteers from the community and visit different locations around the Albury – Wodonga region planting trees, maintaining paths and picnic areas and generally enhancing our local community.

Garden to Table

This program includes reading and discussions about gardening styles and plants; preparing garden beds through digging, weeding and fertilizing; raising seeds; planting cuttings and seedlings into prepared beds; and weeding, watering and mulching.

Plant Propagation

Conducted in the MVC garden, this program involves propagate plants, weeding, watering and helping maintain the community garden. Participants get to take some plants home during the program to practice their new skills.