Craft Programs

Community Craft

Our Community Craft program gives our service users the chance to select what type of craft item they wish to make and then provides them with the resources and support required to individually carry out the creation process.

This program is held at Trudewind Neighbourhood House.

Artist In Me

This program is conducted in conjunction with Trudewind Neighbourhood House and participants are encouraged to tap into their inner artist. They learn skills such as use of water colour, painting, and texture to create masterpieces suitable for hanging on a wall, from the ceiling or on a mantle piece.


Our scrapbooking program is a great way for service users to learn new skills while also enjoying looking back at their memories and personal history. This program gives each individual the opportunity to create an accurate and detailed pictorial of their lives, and representing it in a personal and well-presented album.

Craft and Textiles

The group use a range of skills and textures to produce items of their choice. Assistance is provided to learn skills including painting, cutting, pasting and sewing. The end results are taken home to show off to family and friends.