Murray Valley Centre is open and providing support

This is a very confusing time for everyone in society and things seem to be changing day by day or hour by hour in some cases.

Murray Valley Centre (MVC) has assessed each area of the Centre to ensure that the numbers of people in each area have the required area of 4m2 per person and everyone will need to keep appropriate distances from each other. Training may need to be provided.

MVC will be operating with some changes to program activities. Community access activities will be limited to areas that have low numbers of people

Activities will be modified in the short term as groups will be limited to 1 staff member to 3 participants and 1:4 if required and participants are able to maintain social distancing

Swimming programs will be suspended until we receive clearance to open again

At least in the short term, MVC transport is still running but with a limit of 7 participants to one of our larger 20 seat buses.